Practical Resources for Smart Remodelers

The Color Muse will inspire and guide you

The Color Muse color detector by Variable of ChattanoogaAnother amazingly useful product from Chattanooga, TN – the first Gig city in the USA. This product is something that every contractor, designer, interior designer, DIY’ers, and really, every home should have. Pretty broad appeal, I know, but read on and you’ll see why. read more…

Levelizer – a must-have tool for your ladder work

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-23-18-pm-copyI just read about a new tool that makes ladder work safer and a lot easier. It’s called Levelizer, and it’s made by a company in Tennessee and sold on Amazon and Ace Hardware. Amazon has the best price out there and it is a Prime item, so you can get free 2-day shipping.

For added convenience and to make sure you have this handy tool with you, they’ve even included a built-in ladder hangar, to connect it to your ladder.
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Speedy Trim Out Method

Open floor plan thumbnailBack when I used to trim a lot of homes, we found a need for a faster system than what we had. Ideally, we wanted to measure an entire home – all the casing, baseboard, shoe mold, crown, stools, and aprons – then cut them all at one time. The system we developed made this not only possible but is vastly more efficient than what we were doing before.

Using the Speedy Trim Out Method, one person measured, then gave the measurements to the cut man, and the cut man cut each room. Upon finishing cutting the trim for a room, he carried it into the room and the installer sorted each bundle and placed them in the approximate order in the room, per the numbered items.

With a system like this, and of course, with a skilled crew, you can actually cut the trim for a whole house off site.

In this whitepaper I’ll lay out the basic procedure, the abbreviations used in this system, some examples of cut lists, and some final tips on making this system as efficient as possible for your crew. read more…

Non-destructive layouts on walls using Post-its®

This is an article about how to do non-destructive layouts on walls using Post-its.

8Have you ever needed to hang pictures, or layout stair rail hangers, on finished walls? The problem is, if you mess up, you leave behind holes in the finished walls that need to be patched and painted. And if you are doing this on wallpaper, it gets worse – much worse. Here’s a neat solution to this challenge.

In this pictorial example, I’m hanging a large picture. On the back of the picture are two hooks, so the hangars have to be just the right distance apart, and perfectly level. There is no room to adjust a picture hung in this manner. read more…