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The Color Muse color detector by Variable of ChattanoogaAnother amazingly useful product from Chattanooga, TN – the first Gig city in the USA. This product is something that every contractor, designer, interior designer, DIY’ers, and really, every home should have. Pretty broad appeal, I know, but read on and you’ll see why.

The Color Muse, by Variable, Inc., is a small color detector you can carry in your purse or pocket. It detects colors and then relates the color to 1000’s of products, including paint (not just to one brand but to many brands), carpet, fashion, furniture, leather, laminate, cabinets, flooring, glass, hard surfaces, even steel.

It shows the actual color and complementary colors. Maybe you have a couch with a certain color. Place the Color Muse on it and find complementary colors for paint, flooring, curtains, and furniture. Need to match a wall paint color – just place the Color Muse on the wall and then find the paint color in many brands of paints. This is much more accurate than taking a photo, because cameras aren’t always accurate color detectors, and you can choose your favorite brand of paint.

Watch the 30 second video below to get sense of what this inexpensive device can do for your business. You can see a complete (silent) walk-through video for more detail here.

After 3 years of development, Variable finally achieved a product that was inexpensive and highly useful to almost any consumer. You can pick up yours at Amazon for $59. Kudos to Variable for making a highly useful and affordable product.

Almost forgot – the product works with a free app on Android and iOS (Apple) smart devices.

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