Lack of Closure

seek closure in whatever you doEver been to a movie that had an unexpected, sudden ending? The type where you look at the person next to you and throw up your hands and say, “What happened? I was waiting for them to explain ______. It’s like they ran out of steam and decided to quit.” Or a book with a similar ending, or non-ending? It’s no fun. We like closure. We like things to finish the way we think they should be finished. We expect things to be completed.

Unresolved Issues

In the same way unresolved issues bother us (and others). If a problem exists and we ignore it, then it will most certainly grow. And it will rob you of precious energy and will power. Even when you aren’t concentrating on it, or are making excuses, it is working away in your subconscious mind, telling you that something’s not right. Something hasn’t been taken care of.

Close Open Loops

It’s important to close open loops. Open loops are
bad for business. They’re hard on you and your business. Sometimes you need to reach out to a client who has been mistreated or wronged in some way, and ask them to forgive you and find a way to make it up to them. Better yet, don’t ever let a problem reach that point. Meet your problems head on. They’re not going away, so why not? It’s logical, yet it’s hard to implement.

Follow Up

Another form of non-closure is losing contact with your clients and prospective clients. If you contact others and there is no follow-up, then there is no closure. The relationship is severed. Time and energy were wasted. Keep the dialogue going.

A Good Story

We all love a good story and we love a good ending – one that makes sense to us. Make sure that your business and life are a good story. One with closure. One with resolved issues. Don’t ignore obvious issues in your business. Come to grip with them, and you’ll feel very real relief. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good story.

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