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2017-04-24 | Marketing, Sell, Systems

By Randall Soules, Veteran Remodeler and Educator at

What makes companies fail?

Over the course of my coaching career, the number one stumbling block for businesses is lack of, or poor, communication. Poor communication processes are prevalent, not only within a business, but with clients and leads. In this article I’m going to tell you the story of one of the greatest communicator companies, and consequently, one of the best marketers on earth. But first, let’s explore why you may not be communicating as much as you should:

I don’t see the need to keep people in the loop


  • Communicating takes time.
  • I don’t have real good way to reach others.
  • I don’t like to communicate.
  • My clientele is happy with my work already.
  • I’m way too busy to spend my time talking or writing.
  • My staff seems happy enough.

What would change if you did communicate more?


  • Your staff would know what’s going on and would not live with fear of the unknown.
  • You leads would feel appreciated and be more likely to see you as the contractor of choice.
  • Your clients would feel at ease during the project, because they are in the loop.
  • Your clients would brag about your company, because they know you will take care of them.
  • Your margins will go up (You’ll make more money!)
  • Staff turnover will decrease.
  • You will become proactive, and won’t waste your time answering the same questions over and over.
  • Your selling, production, and marketing systems will run like a fine-tuned engine.

Why should I communicate with my clients?

In this whitepaper, I’d like to address communication with your probable purchasers and clients. Answer these questions before we proceed:

  • How do your clients feel when they buy from you?
  • What do you communicate to them once they’ve handed you a check for thousands of dollars?
  • What do you communicate to them during the job?
  • What do you communicate to them after the job?
  • How could this affect your business?

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

How would like to hand someone a check for $30,000 and all you receive is a wide grin, a handshake, and a “See ya later”? How would you feel not knowing what set of strangers are coming in the morning to do who knows what to your beloved home? How would you feel after the job has finished? After you’ve been seeing the same fellas or gals every day for 3 months, then the job ends, and you never hear from them again? Let me fill you in. You’d feel fearful, paranoid, doubtful, anxious, and empty. Is that the way you want your clients to feel? Will this bring in more business? Will this decrease complaints and call-backs? In a word, NO.

It’s very hard to over-communicate.

The path to better communication

Now that I’ve convinced you of the dangers and pitfalls of lack of communication, I’ll show you how to resolve this, so that your probable purchasers and clients are happy as clams. It’s time to introduce the superstar of communication, Let’s use this well-known company as an example, to show us how to improve communication in your company. Amazon is passionate about selling. About selling everything to everybody at the best price. In order to do this, they constantly study the best ways to market. They are determined to make your buying experience the best possible, the purchasing the easiest possible, and to upsell you at every opportunity. And it works. They are the first place most of us go to buy a product. We have utmost confidence they will deliver the goods. And they stand behind it. For most of us, they are the “store of choice”.

Here’s what happens when you buy from Amazon

I order an expensive camera. Checkout is a breeze. I know my camera order is going to be here in 2 days. After 10 seconds I receive my first communication via email, and here is what it contains: Amazon – 1st touch: – Your order. Hello, Thank you for shopping with us. You ordered a Nikon camera. We’ll send a confirmation when your items ship.

  • Followed by Details: When it will arrive
  • How to View or Manage your order
  • The order total amount
  • And the upsell – Customers Who Bought Items in Your Order Also Bought

You – 1st touch: You just sold a kitchen remodel. As soon as you get back to the office you send a personal thank you letter or email:

  • Thanking them for the business.
  • Re-stating what they bought.
  • You give them contact information in case they have any questions.
  • You review, once again I’d hope, what they can expect next and when.
  • You suggest any possible upsells that might be relevant, such as a skylight, or a wine cooler.

Amazon – 2nd touch: Text message: Shipped: Your Amazon package with your Nikon camera has shipped and will be delivered on Thursday. Track here. Amazon – 3rd touch: Email: Your order of your Nikon camera has shipped. It will be delivered on Thursday. Track here. You – 2nd touch: Email to client: Hi. Just wanted to remind you that our crew will be at your home to start on your new kitchen, on Thursday morning at 7:30 am. Ronald will be your project manager during the entire project. You can contact him at this number if you like. 555-555-5555 Please have all your dishes and silverware removed from the cabinet before they arrive. Thanks once again for the opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams. I know you are going to love it. Call me if you have any questions. Best regards, Bobby D. Remodeler Amazon – 4th touch: Text message: Shipped: Your Amazon package with your Nikon camera is out for delivery and will be delivered by 8 PM today. Track here. Amazon – 5th touch: Email: Your Amazon package with your Nikon camera is out for delivery and will be delivered by 8 PM today.Track here. You – 3rd touch: Email to client: Hi. Just reminding you that the crew that will be working on your new kitchen will be at your home in the morning at 7:30 am. They will start with dustproofing and floor protection, and then start our demolition process. Remember to remove any items in the cabinets, as they will be taking them out and disposing of them. If you have any questions, give me a call or reply to this email. Best regards, Bobby D. Remodeler Amazon – 6th touch: Text: Delivered: Your Amazon package with your Nikon camera was delivered. More info here. You – 4th touch: Email to client: Hi. Just wanted to check with you and see how the 1st day went. Please feel free to call or email me if you need anything. And you can always call Ronald, the project manager on his cell phone at 555-555-5555. Best regards, Bobby D. Remodeler Amazon – 7th touch: Email: Today’s Deals – Based on your previous purchases, we recommend the following: _____. You – 5th touch: Email to client: Hi. Just got back from the Builders Show and wanted to share some of the neat stuff I saw at the show… Amazon – 8th touch: Email: Today’s Deals – Based on your previous purchases, we recommend the following: _____. You – 6th touch: Email to client: Hi. I hope you are enjoying your new dream kitchen as much as we did creating it for you. Our crew is even sad to leave. You’ve been a wonderful client and treated them all so well. If there is anything else you need, please let us know. We love to remodel kitchens, but don’t forget that we renovate a lot of bathrooms and install any other type of cabinetry in your home. I’ll be in touch with you in 30 days to see if anything needs adjustment. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything. If you really liked our work, your greatest compliment would be to refer us to one of your friends and neighbors. We promise we will treat them like royalty. Best regards, Bobby D. Remodeler

How did you feel?

So you can see that Amazon, even on a simple order, no matter how small, will communicate 6 times with you before you receive your product. At any time did you feel fearful, paranoid, doubtful, anxious, and empty? I’m guessing you didn’t. You were in the loop, and you knew, on every step of the delivery, where your package was and when it would be delivered. Wouldn’t you like your valuable clientele to feel the same way?

Give your clients the gift of communication

Use these communication touch points to improve your company’s image. Allow your clients to relax, knowing that they are in good hands. Give them the confidence to recommend your company without wondering if they’ve done the right thing. Keep this one thing in mind as you formulate your communication procedures;

“Frequent communication builds great businesses. Lack of communication destroys businesses.”

This article was written by Randall Soules, veteran remodeler, educator, and creator of the Scientific Remodeling System, showing you better ways to advance your business, raise your profits, and improve your life, through the use of superior remodeling processes. If you would like to discover better ways to run your business, click here. You are free to reprint or copy this article to your blog, newsletter, staff, etc. as long as the article is shown in its entirety and has a live link to Please do not copy and paste this article on your site. ©2017

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