Any successful business is founded on a process or a system.

A process assures you that there are orderly steps that will be taken in virtually any event. A process makes your company work. It’s that simple. You’ve got to have remodeling systems in place that lead you, your staff and those you delegate work to, to the next step.

Systems that are carefully designed and thoughtfully utilized, create smooth workflows and anticipate eventual bottlenecks. With the proper processes in place, your staff knows what to do when a situation arises. And if your staff knows what to do, then you are freed up to run and grow your business.

Let’s examine seven key points of a process by using a simple acronym called P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

  • Prepare – the most important part of any process
  • Relate – communicate your system to others
  • Organize – set up your company around your system
  • Contract – sell your products using your system
  • Execute – run your business by executing your system
  • Satisfy – by using your system faithfully you satisfy many
  • Study – examine the results and refine

The details of P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

P. – Prepare – you may as well get used to it, because this first word, Prepare, is one of the most important items in running a smooth business. It is the basis for any system. In its simplest form, if you prepare adequately, everything will run smoothly. Preparation comes in many forms and you will use it in your main system components and in your sub-systems. You will learn how to prepare your office, your budget, your sales methods, your customer’s expectations, your job site, and what your staff and trades are to expect. If you prepare you will eliminate 90% of the problems that are sure to arise in a remodeling project.
R. – Relate – When you relate your plan to others, you can hold them accountable to follow your remodeling systems, and at the same time they also can hold you accountable to stick by it. You can’t have a working system without telling others about it. You have to communicate your system to everyone that you work with including your staff, carpenters, trades, vendors, designers, AND customers. Customers are not exempt. In fact, when you relate your sales methods to your customers and communicate to them what your expectations are, it will contribute to the majority of your stress reduction.

O – Organize – Organize your system by writing manuals or documents and then relating and implementing what you wrote. It doesn’t need to be lengthy or complicated. It just needs to be done. Remember that you will be improving your process over time. You just need a starting point. Just relax and start with some of the most important phases of your business, then add to it as you grow. Remodeling systems can’t be made instantly. They take time and observation.

C. – Contract – Here’s the fun part. Writing contracts and getting them signed. Using your system, you will be prepared to the point that almost 100% of the decisions have been made by the time the contract is signed. And you will have worked for it too. This is the point where you take what I call the “Bungee Jump”. Meaning, when you sign a contract, you have made a commitment, so you better have planned “how long the bungee cord is” before you jump. Do your homework, make a smart estimate, and press your prospective client for product decisions before they sign.

E. – Execute – You have a system now and you are running your company according to the plan. Execute your plan faithfully and you will reap the rewards accordingly. When you step outside your system, I promise you that you will regret it. It never fails. Every time you overlook your past experiences and previous “red flags” it will come back to haunt you. Respect your system. It’s there for a reason.

S. – Satisfy – Because you have remodeling systems, and USE them, you are going to satisfy almost everyone you work with. You run your business better than your “competition” because you have a fine-tuned process. You have a structure that you can rely on so you don’t have to continually re-invent the wheel. You are pro-active and have time to grow your business, not spend the majority of your time micro-managing your company. Your significant other will be happy because you know what you are doing and that you obviously know how to make money doing your job. Your staff will be happy because the sales funnel is always full due to a superior sales method, and they can count on a steady paycheck. You trades and material suppliers will be ecstatic that you pay your bills on time because you have learned to work with the customer’s money and always have positive cash flow. And lastly, and of great importance, you will have an army of happy customers that will call you again and again, and refer you to their friends – for life. Quite a payback for a little time spent to set up your systems.

S. – Study – And finally, never be satisfied with your system. Constantly tweak it and improve it. When something doesn’t go right, find out why. Then write down how this could have been avoided. Sometimes its a personality trait you may have overlooked when you sold a job to a difficult client. Sometimes it’s a problem in the field where one of your staff made a bad decision, possibly due to not knowing what was expected. Or maybe you didn’t get paid 100% for the work you did. Fix that one right away. Whatever goes wrong in your business, improve it and avoid any and all hassles when possible. When stress, hassle and wasted time raise their ugly heads, fix the problem so you don’t ever see them again. It’s easier than you think – but you have to put your remodeling systems in place and try it first. Believe me, remodeling systems work like a charm.

Remodeling Systems Create Successful Companies

In closing, examine the five main areas of your business:

  • Your Money
  • Your Office
  • Your Sales
  • Your Projects
  • Your Life

Write down an item or two for each area that could use some improvement. Now write down how you could improve that area of your business. How can you ward off the next crisis before it happens? When it comes to building your system, I always say, “Panic early”. Beat your problems to the punch and get ready for smooth sailing ahead.

Help others by leaving a comment about how you run your remodeling system. Tell us what you like about these ideas. Your comments will pave the way that will help others.

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