What a story this is!

buildings-1144192_1920If you have ever had a shred of doubt what processes can do for your business, this should remove any and all doubt. What you are about to witness is that with good processes you can build anything you want, and in an unbelievably short time.

Before I get into the meat of the story, let’s take a look at some examples of projects that are process intensive. Using proven processes or systems, how long does it take to build a kitchen, a home, a library, or a skyscraper? Any one of these projects requires carefully laid plans to reach the intended outcome in the expected amount of time.

The better the process, scheduling, and management, the more assured you can be that the job will come in on time and on budget, not to mention with the estimated margins. Everything runs better with processes in place, whether they are written for a hamburger joint, a remodeling company, or one of the largest contractors in the world.

Keep this is mind as you cruise through this article.

What you are about to see is nothing short of unbelievable!

Just when you thought that a process has gotten as good as it can get, someone comes along and raises the bar – in this case they raised the bar into the stratosphere.

Ready? Okay, let’s dig in.

How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

how long does it take to remodel a kitchen

Loaded question, I know. But on average, a complete kitchen remodel may take 1-3 months. In this remodel, which took about 8 weeks, a wall was removed, an in-ceiling beam added, minor modification to an adjacent bathroom, custom cabinetry added, wood floors were repaired and refinished, etc.

Finished kitchen

finished kitchen project

How about a custom home?

framing a custom home

This one is about 3500 square feet on one level. You can see that someone has a very carefully thought out process for framing.

Finished custom home

finished custom home

This home took about 6 months to build.

How long does it take to build a library?

a large library

This one took about 3 years.

Now let’s look at bigger projects – MUCH bigger!

tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa in Dubai

This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It took five years to build. It is the tallest building in the world – at least for now.

Then someone comes along, and not only has a better process…

Broad Sustainable Building in China

…but their tagline is “Rewrite History”. That’s thinking big. The company is Broad Sustainable Building, and their aim is to build 30% of the large building in the world by 2020.

Zhang Yue

Zhang Yue - owner of Broad Sustainable Building

His name is Zhang Yue. He made his fortune in air conditioning, and now has started to focus on construction. Not just any construction. Big buildings that go up fast. He has very stringent guidelines for his employees, who are to address him as “my chairman”.

To demonstrate that Mr. Yue is not just talk, the next 4 short videos will show you a 6 story building erected in 24 hours, a 15 story hotel built in 6 days, a 30 story building erected in just 15 days, and a 57 story building in just 19 days. And these are finished buildings, ready to move in. (Recall the 60 day kitchen above)

This guy doesn’t fool around. And he is able to do this by changing the rules of standard construction. He builds as much as possible in a factory environment, where conditions can be controlled and waste kept to a minimum. He claims less that 1% waste.

There’s nothing inferior about these building.

  • They can withstand a 9.0-magnitude earthquake.
  • They are super insulated and efficient, using 3 and 4 pane windows that are several inches thick.
  • The lighting in his latest endeavor is all LED, which saves a huge amount of energy and cooling.

Floors and ceilings are trucked in with all of the components laid out on each floor platform. These are lifted into place and then the workers start the assembly.

2010 Shanghai World Expo building – 6 stories in 24 hours

The Ark Hotel – 15 Stories in 6 days

30 stories in 15 days

Mini Sky City – 57 stories in 19 days

As if that wasn’t enough, Zhang has set out to build Sky City – the tallest building in the world

Sky City, at the time of planning will be the tallest building in the world. It has experienced several setbacks, and construction has been halted – for the moment. Mr. Yue still believes that it will be built.

Stats for Sky City

  • It will stand 2740 feet high. That’s just over half a mile high.
  • It will have 200 floors, as compared to the Dubai Tower which has 160 floors.
  • The Sky City will be 83% residential and will house over 31,400 people in its 4,340 apartments
  • 104 elevators will whisk people to their destinations
  • It will be totally self contained, with shops, hospitals, banks, grocery stores and everything else one might need.
  • 95% of the construction will be done in factories.
  • And it will be built in only 6 months.
  • That’s an average of 1.1 floors being built each day

It will be the tallest building in the world

comparison of tall buildings

Here is a Sketchup model set into Google Earth.

a model of Sky City

It isn’t built just for the rich either. There will be low, medium and high income tenants in distinctly different “neighborhoods” within the building.

This will be one to watch. Whether it is built in 180 days or more, it will still be an incredible feat which is already changing the way we will build in the future.

Modular building is the future

We’ve resisted modular building for many years. Maybe this will push it over the edge and homes and additions will be made in factories and transported to the job site.

This makes an interesting story for sure. As you come back down to earth, you quickly realize that most of us build small homes or remodel existing homes. We work for individuals in their private spaces, and build one of a kind structures. So what’s the take-away from all of this?

The moral of the story

None of what you just saw could even be contemplated without first creating incredibly detailed processes. In this case, what was to be done by whom, every minute of every day.

Think bigger. Think outside the box. Create better processes.

You can make great changes in your own business if you will start using processes more, or dust off the ones you already have and see if they can be refined. There is always room for improvement. You just have to allot some time to make those improvements.

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